The so far "new"me.

The so far "new"me.

So if you remember on January 3rd I mentioned my weight loss goals for this year. So far I'm 5 lbs down. The radical change isn't completely motivated by that cute white outfit that I highlighted in my January 3rd blog post, it's been ramped up by a doctor appointment I had where I found out my cholesterol is off the map and my blood pressure is over the moon. My doctor informed me I needed to connect with a cardiologist right away and come up with a plan. After that phone call I changed everything. I mean immediately. I threw out ALL the junk food and went grocery shopping for healthy foods, meals and snacks. Red wine has also taken a back seat. 
Yoga daily and Pilates twice a week has become my work out. Tea is my new drink. 
I don't look like these ladies. Yet. But I'm getting there. I hope you too are sticking to your resolutions of better health. Don't beat yourself up if you get distracted by a cookie or two. We are only human. Have a cup of tea with it. 
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go Barrie. you’ll be upside down soon!

Lisa Seifert

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