Freezing Herbs From Your Garden

Freezing Herbs From Your Garden

I imagine a lot of you have a garden that is showing some signs of wrapping it up for the season. Here are some very simple directions for freezing them to use all winter long.


  1. Thoroughly wash the herbs and allow to dry. If they are an herb where you just use the leaf (like rosemary or oregano), then trim the leaves off the stems. For parsley, cilantro, dill, etc I leave the stems intact and just cut off the ends near the base.
  2. If just using the leaves, throw them as is into the Ziploc bag. If using the whole herb, roughly chop them (I simply lay on cutting board and just cut into 1-2 inch pieces) and put them in the bag. Squish all the air out and label using Sharpie marker. Place in freezer . . . voila!
  3. When ready to use, simply break off/take out the amount you need and chop as needed. LOVE having fresh herbs all year! Also, if I need to buy herbs from the grocery store, I use this method to preserve whatever I didn't use right away.                                                                                                                                                            Happy happy future cooking!
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