Fall Decorating With Out Pumpkins or  Autumn Leaves

Fall Decorating With Out Pumpkins or Autumn Leaves

I have a client that loves fall but not the whole pumpkin and leaves thing. She asked if I could select some things for her home that brought in the warmth of fall but with out the traditional flair. So I found myself at Tuesday Morning with a store full of inspiration. From decor pieces to beautiful area rugs.  Your imagination is the only thing that will limit you from bringing in some fall touches just using textures and fabrics.
I realize this pillow isn't a fall decor item but it cracked me up when I found it. And who hasn't done that? Oh, and it's black and white so it can double as a Halloween decor item. 
Metals and warm woods are great items for fall decorating and they carry on through Thanksgiving. 
Tuesday Morning has great cooking pieces. Reasonably priced and in fun colors.
Follow that up with some pretty paper products for your fall table while entertaining and you've wrapped it up.
While roosters aren't for everyone, including my client, I thought they were cute. What I really love is the platters and bowls, pitchers and vases in these displays. They are so perfect for fall decorating and entertaining. 
I did buy this light up pumpkin. Looks cute at night when it's lit. although I wasn't expecting the purple glow......

I hope you feel a little inspiration too when you see other seasonal decor items. You don't need pumpkins and leaves to be the focus of your autumn decorating.
Have a blessed week.
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