Bloggers Block

Bloggers Block

It's that time of the year for me when I'm having a tough time blogging! I've run out of things to show, create or talk about. Or so that's what I'm feeling. I know this is just temporary but it's bothersome.  What if I'm all dried up and I have nothing left to give to the interior design world?
What if this is it? Pictures of succulents because I can't find a creative or motivational thought or feeling in my body...
Yes, I'm whining and feeling all weinnie like. Some days or days that line up and turn into a week I feel this way. I know I'll get over it. I've got projects lined up well into the late spring. They are fun and creative and matched with really great clients that keep coming back and asking for more. 
So I know this feeling of tiredness and this feeling of nothingness will pass. But right now it's my constant companion. Whether it's 2:00 pm or 2:00 am it's always there.
I am very blessed to have my own business and do what I get to do everyday. Some weeks it's 7 days in a row for weeks on end and I love it. I think tomorrow I'm going to office at the coffee shop here in town and try to pick up the buzz and energy of people coming and going. Tomorrow is a new day. A new opportunity to get a new attitude. I'll see what I can find amongst the coffee mugs and scones. Have a blessed weekend. 
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It’s the winter doldrums!! This too will pass!! Find some fun Easter recipes, plan a day trip, take your sister out for lunch!! Just saying….,?


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